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Motu Moie Island

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Nestled amidst coconut palms and spectacular views, in French Polynesia Society Islands archipelago, is the privately discreet lush tropical island, Motu Moie - aptly translated as “far away isle.”

For those looking for tranquility in an unspoiled and natural environment, where vibrant blue water meets the great blue sky - look no further. Experience the swaying palm trees and the powdery white sand beaches of an island, all surrounded by the warm waters of the turquoise lagoon.

20 Acres of private paradise

Offered at $9,500,000 USD

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Motu Moie is ideal for your ultimate private getaway or exclusive resort. Its lush tropical beauty is complemented by upscale Polynesian style accommodations including an owners bungalow, three guest beach bungalows featuring large waters edge verandas, a spacious open air living/dining room, and caretaker’s house. Fresh water is supplied by the island’s natural coral filtered well, and electricity by solar panels. Explore the unspoiled natural surroundings, fish for your own dinner, and relax on your own white sand beach.

The island offers an endless variety of activities. The fully equipped sports bungalow includes everything you need for fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and bicycling. The more adventurous can organize deep sea fishing trips for marlin and yellowfin tuna, scuba diving with turtles and sharks, or take a short helicopter flight to nearby Bora Bora.

Discover the beauty of the Polynesian lifestyle.

Traditional Tahitian festivities and events include the arts of music and dancing, crafts, food, and canoe races. French is the official language, but English is taught in the schools, and is widely spoken.


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Amenities + Services

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Unspoiled Natural Surroundings

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20 Acres


Solar Panels + Filtered Well

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Endless Activities


This 20 acre private island is located in the Society Islands of French Polynesia, 90 miles from Papeete and 15 miles from the world famous volcanic peaks of Bora Bora. It is situated on the edge of a tropical reef within the lagoon surrounding the island of Taha’a “The Vanilla Island”.

Daily flights from Los Angeles and other international cities arrive daily in Papeete, the Tahiti island capital. A short local flight to Uturoa, Raiatea, the country's second largest city, and a lagoon boat ride brings you to Motu Moie.


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